24 06 2010

SmadAV Pro has many additional features that do not exist in SmadAV Free, the following are additional features you get on SmadAV Pro: Automatic Update Online, 10x Faster Scanning, Exception List, Maximize / Resize, Color Changing Themes, Indonesian language / UK, Admin Password, and License Use of Profit. You must be a donor to get SmadAV Pro.

SmadAV created with the aim to clean and protect your computer from viruses spread locally which many in Indonesia .. If you are surfing the Internet often or often install new programs, you are still strongly recommended to merge with Antivirus SmadAV Import (for example, that free is Avira, AVG, or Avast, and the pay is Kasperksy, Norton, or Nod32). SmadAV can cooperate with almost all antivirus imports so that your computer is completely protected from virus infection, both local and foreign (global). Currently SmadAV 2010 has identified most of the local virus widespread in Indonesia. These are the reasons why using SmadAV:

SmaRTP Technology, SMART-Protection

• Technology-Behavior Smad

• Smad-Lock Technology

• Scanner smart (Intelligence)

• Cleaner Infected Document

• Cleaning & repair (1500 value) Registry

• Latest update on each of Revision

• Weapons Manual is very easy to use

• Free

• Portable and OS support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/

Download :

2. PCMAV (PC Media Antivirus)

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) is the only antivirus in the world that contains the formula and specific technologies to solve unique and powerful computer virus that spread widely in Indonesia, both local and foreign species (alien), accurately and thoroughly to recover 100% .

Unlike similar antivirus, every virus in the database PCMAV removal each had its own engine, so the virus can be wiped out and thoroughly cleaned up to “the roots” without compromise! Removal of this engine is also designed to work carefully and with a very high level of security, the goal for the system / files / important documents you are attacked by viruses can be recovered perfectly without fear of risk of loss or damage to the file / system. Please see for yourself the power of removal PCMAV antivirus engine that you normally use.

In addition to its antivirus engine itself, PCMAV also can use the ClamAV engine as a plug-in to strengthen the results of virus detection up to 700 000 more. PCMAV engineer team was convincingly managed to find and develop their own variety of antivirus technology, the new nan-powerful to overcome and keep your system from a computer virus problems.

Intensively developed by PC Media, the largest and best-selling computer magazine in Indonesia, and supported vast distribution network pinpoint Publications, PCMAV has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of loyal readers and lovers of the computer magazine PC Media in the archipelago. This does not include users who are outside the reader’s trust PCMAV PC Media PCMAV-free use, which we suspect the number has reached millions of computers in Indonesia.

So, from now on, always entrust the handling of viruses, worms and trojans that attack your computer just to PCMAV. Get the latest version only in the latest edition of PC Media magazine, published each month.

Download :


At the local antivirus named ANSAV there is also facility Protector Real Time, which means this ANSAV when the switch will protect the background from the files that is considered a virus if you try to open a file.

Alternative Local ANSAV ansav2 Antivirus ¤ gif, jpg, png, bmp, ico

Definition update file name is dbs.anv. What is different with other local antivirus PCMAV SMADAV, this ANSAV programs  facility existed in the update directly to the internet, if you go to update the menu and pressing the update button, then you will immediately download the latest update file definition.

And if you click on the menu then you will be at Signature contributed names of viruses, worms or trojan that can be recognized by ANSAV. In addition to the themes you can add a plug-in to change the display ansav program, you can add other plug-in that you can download via the site’s author.

While for the problem of language support, this ANSAV program  interface you can change according to your wishes if you want to change in Indonesian, English, Palembang or Java language. This is an added value from the benefits of a local antivirus named ANSAV, because ANSAV interface language can be changed according to the language you master, so it is not forever English.  If for example you can use the Java language, you can choose the Java language interface ANSAV programs, which can be changed via the menu SETTING – LANGUAGE. On the list click the name of your language you want then you click the APPLY button.

Different from other local antivirus, this ANSAV uninstall process if you want to remove antivirus ANSAV from your computer, can pass directly from the OPTION menu program a without you go into control panel – add remove programs.  Alternative Local ANSAV ansav3 Antivirus :  gif, jpg, gif, bmp, ico

So if you really love the product in the country, the time you have to do with always using local software such as antivirus ANSAV , Instead I explained at length, you simply click the link below to download the installer file from the antivirus ANSAV.

Download :


A comprehensive antivirus tool created to ensure your PC is secure and will not be infected by all external threats.  This software will protect your computer form various types of  malware, while still offering you the possibility to add viruses to
the list or edit the virus definition.


1. AVIGen Facilities

2. Installation

3. Use AVIGen

4. Registry Tweak

5. Autorun Locations

6. Process Viwer

7. Setting filetype

8. Setting File and Folder Attributes

9. Add the files suspected of being virus

10. AVIGen History Maker

Download :


Codenesia Malware Cleaner or often at short with CMC is a product of local Antivirus codenesia children work with a lot of ability in detecting and cleaning viruses.

What are the advantages of CMC?

  • Fast
  • accurate
  • cozy
  • virus detector equipped
  • Multilingual
  • easy updates
  • free

Download :




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